By Head


The Head Extreme One has a groundbreaking design. This ultra-premium padel racket stands out for its unique construction and offers unparalleled durability. As the lightest yet strongest member of the Extreme series, this racket combines an advanced 12K carbon face with a transparent structure for maximum strength.

With its unique diamond shape and lightweight construction, this racket delivers the ideal balance between weight, power and agility. The integration of the innovative Auxetic technology results in extra power and a sensational feel at impact, while the Soft Butt Cap technology provides a softer playing experience and dampening of vibrations.

In addition to impressive performance, the Extreme One offers a distinctive and high-quality design, with both gloss and matte finishes. This racket embodies the perfect combination of innovation, power and aesthetics, making it an essential piece of equipment for demanding padel players who strive for top-level performance and style.


  • Weight: 345 gr
  • Shape: diamond
  • Strike surface: 12K carbon


  • Target group: intermediate to advanced players
  • Type: attack, power
  • Auxetic-technology
  • Extreme Spin-technology
  • Head Extreme Collection 2023