By Lok


The Maxx Hype is LÔK's most technologically advanced racket for players at Pro level and the racket of Premier Padel pro player Mike Yanguas. The diamond-shaped racket is made of 18K Carbon in three different layers and features the Gradual Face and Vibration Groove system to help reduce vibrations. In addition, the 3D Spin Lines system increases ball rotation upon impact with the racket, improving spin and control.

The Maxx Hype padel racket contains Carbon reinforcements for more durability and the Dynamic Holes system with a progressive arrangement of holes of different sizes that gives the stroke power.


  • Weight: 360 - 375 gr
  • Shape: diamond
  • Sweet spot: high
  • Core: EVA
  • Face: Carbon 18K


  • Target group: pro players
  • Type: power
  • 3D Spin Lines
  • Dynamic Holes System
  • Lok 2024 Collection