By Nox


The NOX AT Luxury ATTACK 18K Alum 2024 padel racket is a result of close collaboration with professional padel player Augustín Tapia and is specially designed for attacking players at an experienced level.

This racket has a hybrid diamond shape and has a medium-high weight balance, aimed at maximum power transfer. It is the ultimate weapon for players who often find themselves at the net and crave a powerful smash. The new MLD Black-EVA core offers superior control and optimal power transfer. This sandwich core improves control on slower shots and provides extra power on fast shots, such as volleys and smashes.

The 2024 collection introduces the EOS Flap, a cutout in the frame that provides improved aerodynamic flow, significantly improving reaction time at the net.


  • Weight: 360 - 375 gr
  • Shape: diamond
  • Sweet spot: high
  • Core: MLD Black-EVA
  • Striking Face: 18K Carbon


  • Target group: advanced players
  • Type: power
  • Pulse: Anti Vibration System
  • Grainy finish on the hitting surface
  • Collection Nox 2024
  • Available as a test racket