The Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort, from the Bullpadel 2024 collection, is a brand new padel racket and the racket of professional player Martín Di Nenno. This racket has been completely redesigned, with the introduction of the innovative CurvAktiv system, which makes it feel even more stable. The Air React Channel holes are no less than 50% wider compared to the previous generation, resulting in reduced air resistance and improved reaction time.

The hitting surface of the Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort is made of Fibrix hybrid fibers. The core is made of dual-density MultiEVA rubber and a 100% carbon frame. It also has the Metalshield aluminum guard, Vertex heart and ridges on the sides of the racket frame to absorb vibrations.

This racket is designed for professional or intermediate players who need a racket that provides power without losing control.


  • Weight: 365 - 375 gr
  • Shape: diamond
  • Sweet spot: mid-high balance
  • Core: MultiEva rubber with 2 different densities
  • Strike surface: Fibrix


  • Target group: intermediate to advanced players
  • Type: attack, power
  • Vibradrive: minimizes vibrations
  • TopSpin technology: granules on the racket surface
  • Bullpadel Collection 2024
  • Available as a test racket