By Babolat


Discover the Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024 padel racket, designed with advanced technologies for unparalleled performance on the court.

The Technical Vertuo has a diamond shape and a lightweight design, which makes the racket very manoeuvrable. The core of this racket is made of Black EVA foam, which provides extra elasticity and a lot of power. The elasticity of the Technical Vertuo also provides ultimate comfort and reduced fatigue in the arm.

This racket is equipped with the "Vibrabsorb" technology, which reduces the risk of injuries and effectively absorbs vibrations thanks to a new elastomer material. Babolat has also carefully studied the distribution and size of the holes to improve the power transfer and precision of each stroke.

This racket is ideal for advanced and experienced padel players who strive for more aggressiveness in their strokes. However, the racket also retains a lot of control thanks to the diamond-shaped hole pattern.

Upgrade your game with the Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024 - where power, comfort and style come together.


  • Weight: 355 gr (+- 10 gr)
  • Shape: diamant
  • Sweet spot: top
  • Core: Black-EVA
  • Striking Face: fiberglass


  • Target group: advanced players
  • Type: power
  • Anti Vibration System
  • Collection Babolat 2024