€194,95 €240,00
By Babolat


Discover the power of the Babolat Technical Veron 2024 padel racket. The diamond-shaped racket offers power and precision and is an ideal racket for attacking players.

With the innovative "Carbon Flex" technology, this racket combines carbon and fiberglass, retaining the explosiveness of carbon, while retaining the comfort and forgiveness of fiberglass. The Black EVA core offers strength and power, resulting in a firm feeling with every ball contact, ideal for padel players who prefer a direct feeling with the ball. The rough 3D Spin+ finish provides extra spin on the ball, while the new Vibrasorb system absorbs vibrations and reduces the risk of injuries.

The Technical Veron racket is designed for intermediate to advanced players who seek power and precision in their attacking shots. The Veron series offers a dynamic and comfortable playing experience, also beneficial for players prone to arm pain.

With a black base, orange and red details and a smoke effect on the frame, this racket radiates elegance and power. Each racket has a unique smoke effect, so you have a completely original racket in your hands.


  • Weight: 365 gr (+- 10 gr)
  • Shape: diamond
  • Sweet spot: top
  • Core: multi-EVA
  • Striking Face: Carbon Flex


  • Target group: advanced
  • Type: offensive
  • 3D Spin+
  • Vibrabsorb: anti-vibration
  • Collection Babolat 2024