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Are you an all-round padel player? Then the Drop Shot padel racket Delta 3.0 is for you. The racket is distinguished by an oversized round format, a very large sweet spot and an excellent balance between control and power. This Drop Shot Delta 3.0 stands out for its high-end technology including a Twin Tubular System frame, technology that improves the strength and torsion of the structure, a core of Eva Soft low density rubber and a carbon 3K hitting surface. In summary, the Drop Shot Delta 3.0 is a model with major technological advances such as the Smart Holes System, 3D Face roughness on the faces, Power Beam Heart and grip with Silicone Grip Channel and Cork Cushion Grip to reduce vibration.


  • Weight: 360 - 380 gr
  • Shape: round
  • Sweet spot: middle
  • Core: EVA soft, medium touch
  • Striking Face: 3K Carbon


  • Target group: advanced players
  • Type: balance, control
  • 3D relief on the hitting surface
  • 2023 Drop Shot padel collection