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The Drop Shot padel racket Premium 3.0 is a racket for advanced padel players. The round-shaped blade with a middle balance ensures that you can experience a perfect mix of control and power. A lot of power and precision because the racket is very stiff to give the hardest hits. The premium 3.0 racket is equipped with the latest technologies. The racket has a 100% carbon frame and the racket blade is made of Rectangle 24K carbon. The core of the racket is an EVA-Pro rubber, a rubber with a hard density. The harder EVA rubber in combination with the full carbon properties ensures that the racket has a hard touch. Comfort is also important, which is why the Drop Shot Premium 3.0 racket has a silicone grip channel in the handle and a cork cushion grip.


  • Weight: 360 - 380 gr
  • Shape: round
  • Sweet spot: middle
  • Core: EVA-Pro, hard touch
  • Hitting Face: 24K Carbon


  • Target group: advanced players
  • Type: balance, control, power
  • 3D relief on the hitting surface
  • 2023 Drop Shot padel collection