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The Drop Shot Stage Pro 1.0 padel racket is ideal for players from beginner to intermediate level. The racket is drop-shaped so that the balance is just above the center. The striking surface is finished with fiberglass for more playing comfort. The frame is made of 100% carbon and the core of the racket has a soft EVA soft rubber. The racket has a soft touch due to the EVA soft rubber and the fiberglass finish on the racket blade. The carbon frame provides decent stiffness and power output. The Stage pro 1.0 racket has a rough blade surface to give more effect and a silicone grip channel in the handle for less vibration.


  • Weight: 360 - 380 gr
  • Shape: droplet
  • Sweet spot: just above the center
  • Core: EVA soft
  • Hitting Face: Fiberglass


  • Target audience: beginner to intermediate players
  • Type: balance, control
  • Rough striking surface
  • 2023 Drop Shot padel collection