By Head


Get ready to up your game with Pace's Bolt BLWH padel racket, designed to give beginners a great all-round playing experience. Featuring a glass fiber face and an oversized drop shape, it offers more control and forgiveness than ever before. Plus, its bold design is sure to make you stand out on the court!
  • Bold, clear design
  • Drop-shaped all-rounder
  • Fiberglass striking surface for more feeling in all your shots
  • Larger sweet spot for more tolerance and forgiveness

Are you a starting player with an all-round playing style? Then the Head Bolt BLWH padel racket may be something for you.


  • Weight: 360 gr
  • Shape: droplet
  • Sweet spot: just above the center
  • Core: power foam for max power
  • Hitting Face: Fiberglass


  • Target group: starting all-round players
  • Type: control, comfort
  • Large sweet spot
  • 2023 Head padel collection