€159,95 €200,00
By Head


The EXTREME ELITE PADEL RACKET from Head, a racket for experienced and advanced players. This is the most comfortable racket in the EXTREME series. It has a diamond shape and is equipped with the latest Soft Butt Cap technology, which provides a softer feel and dampens vibrations. The revolutionary Auxetic technology contributes to extra power and a sensational playing feel, while the fiberglass on the clubface provides a smooth and superior feel, and increased power. The racket comes in a colorful design.


  • Weight: 365 gr
  • Shape: diamond
  • Sweet spot: 270mm
  • Core: power foam for max. power
  • Strike surface: fiberglass


  • Target group: experienced and advanced players
  • Type: balance between control and power
  • Optimized sweet spot
  • Graphene Inside
  • Head Collection Extreme 2023