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By Siux


Discover the Siux Sanyo Diablo Revolution Pro 3 padel racket 2024: the ultimate choice for padel players who strive for power, precision and style on the court.

The racket has a hybrid shape, resulting in a balanced racket. The hitting surface is made of 15K TriCarbon with a stylish finish in red and black. The racket has a core of Medium EVA. The TriCarbon 15K in combination with the medium EVA core gives the racket a medium to hard touch.

The racket frame has a reinforced bridge for an extended lifespan and extra stiffness, allowing you to get even more power from the racket. With a weight ranging from 355g to 375g and a medium balance, this racket offers the opportunity to play with power while maintaining the necessary control.

For extra comfort, the Siux Sanyo Diablo Revolution III padel racket 2024 comes with a Dual Pro Grip for improved grip and a damper to reduce vibrations.


  • Weight: 355 - 375 gr
  • Shape: hybrid
  • Sweet spot: middle
  • Core: Medium EVA
  • Face: 15K Carbon


  • Target audience: intermediate to advanced players
  • Type: control, power
  • Official padel racket from professional Sanyo Gutiérrez
  • Anti-vibration
  • Siux 2024 collection