€249,95 €295,00
By Siux


Discover the unparalleled performance of the Siux Electra ST3 Stupa Pro 2024 padel racket, the ultimate choice for padel players who strive for power and precision.

This racket has a hybrid shape, resulting in the perfect balance between a round and diamond-shaped racket. The hitting surface is made of 15k Carbon and Textreme, which provides explosive power and accuracy with every shot. The frame consists of 3k Carbon and Aramida. The EVA HARD core provides a Medium-Hard touch, ideal for players seeking aggressive shots and maximum control. With a weight between 355g and 375g and a medium balance, this racket offers the versatility to perform both powerful smashes and accurate shots.

The Siux Electra ST3 2024 padel racket has a glossy finish with sand texture, which not only offers a stylish look, but also extra grip and control over the racket.


  • Weight: 355 - 375 gr
  • Shape: hybrid
  • Sweet spot: middle
  • Core: EVA High Memory
  • Face: 15K Carbon


  • Target audience: intermediate to advanced players
  • Type: control, power
  • Official padel racket from professional Franco Stupaczuk
  • Anti-vibration
  • Siux 2024 collection