By Selkirk


After years of research, Selkirk presents the Pro S1 Pickleball ball, a new, patented design to create a ball with consistent flight, consistent bounce and superior durability. Guaranteed with a 1-year No-Crack warranty. The Pro S1 pickleball uses seamless rotational molding technology that delivers a perfectly round and balanced ball that plays faster, spins with precision, and has a longer playing life. The Pro S1 retains its shape during indoor and outdoor play, resulting in a more enjoyable playing experience. The Pro S1 pickleball features an advanced aerodynamic design with its patented 38-hole pattern, resulting in a consistent ball flight with every shot.

Experience the Pro S1 pickleball ball from Selkirk. The new pickleball standard for consistency and durability.


  • Ball weight: 26 gram
  • Diameter 7.11 cm
  • Number of holes: 38
  • 4 Pro S1 balls per pack