€84,95 €90,00
By Yoorna


The Insupera 5.0 is a pickleball racket / paddle from the Yoorna range. This paddle has a polypropylene core and a graphite striking surface (3 layers of graphite). This type of hitting surface provides optimal ball feel and excellent control. At the same time, graphite provides an ideal mix between power and speed. The thickness of 13mm provides more power and pop at the expense of some feel and control. The elongated shape gives this racket more reach, power and spin, but has a smaller sweet spot and is less maneuverable compared to other shapes.


  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 18.5 cm
  • Weight: 220 gr
  • Thickness: 13 mm
  • Grip circumference: 100 mm
  • Grip length: 125 mm


  • Target audience: intermediate to advanced players
  • Type: offensive
  • Core: polypropylene honeycomb
  • Face: 3 layers of graphite
  • Premium grip
  • Available as test racket, info via next link